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2 responses to “Get In Touch

  1. Hi there, I’ve just been trying to renew a library book through an Android powered HTC mobile. As with many other “non-IE” browsers, Brunel websites seem to disagree with it and fail to show all the links. In this instance, I couldn’t renew because the “my account” link failed to display. I can only assume the library site doesn’t adhere to web standards. Perhaps it would be worth looking at this, or forwarding my comment to IT.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Mitchell. You’re right in saying that accessing some of the Library services on a mobile isn’t always the smoothest experience, and we are aware of, and working on, the improvements needed in this area.

    Regarding the Library catalogue itself, it’s written by a software supplier and we are therefore reliant on them to adhere to the latest web standards and make the site mobile-friendly. They are making progress in this area and officially support the browsers IE, Firefox, and Safari. Locally, where possible, we also test in Opera and Chrome.

    On mobiles, the catalogue interface is not ideal, therefore we are looking into options to offer an alternative interface (mobile web or native apps) or custom development on this one; thank you for your patience while we look into this development work.

    In the meantime I (the Systems Librarian) do use the catalogue on my Android HTC phone and whilst I don’t find it as smooth as other mobile web experiences, it does work throughout. Notably all tabs appear and I can carry out renewals; I’m using the native browser. Are you perhaps using Opera Mobile/Mini? (Opera does have a display issue with tabs.)

    I’d be happy to look at this specific case more closely if you wish, otherwise please be assured that we are aware we need to do some work in this area and we have already started the review and development process.

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