Library Futures 2: Have your say

Image of students studying in the Library

Students studying at Brunel Library

Brunel Library has always been great place to find information, but just this once we would like to get some information from you! The Library is taking part in a national research project that is looking at the study experiences, skills and digital behaviours of undergraduate students across the UK. To help us understand what you need from your Library we would like to invite undergraduates to take part in our short, confidential survey. If you participate, to say thank you we will enter you in a draw for a £100 Amazon voucher.

The survey is being conducted by the research agency Alterline and is part of a project called Library Futures 2, which Brunel Library is participating in with ten other university libraries across the UK. The project is investigating information and digital literacy in undergraduate student populations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The survey is open from the 23rd April until the 8th June. Finding will be used to shape how Brunel Library provides services to students in future, and will be available to Brunel staff and students via the Library website after the Summer.

To take part and for a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher complete our Library Futures 2 survey online.

For more information about the ‘Library Futures 2’ project in general please contact


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