My work experience at the Library


Written by Marcus Davenport, a student from Uxbridge College on work placement at the Library.

This week I found myself once again at Brunel University Library on work experience placement, just as I had been last year (only this time it was a mere 4 days rather than the 2 weeks I had been assigned this time last year). By this time I was very familiar with the campus, as I had been to Hillingdon Literary Festival last autumn (which Brunel hosted) and had taken part in the Debating Matters competition. The Library staffs were just as welcoming as they had been before, and it was refreshing to see so many familiar faces again.

My time here may have been brief but was by no means wasted. In the four days I was here I did many tasks, including some I had performed during my last placement, such as sorting and re-shelving books (using Library of Congress, rather than the more conventional Dewey decimal system). On Tuesday I helped replace old posters around the Library with newer, updated versions, and on Wednesday I removed the hard-drives from disused computers (an area which was unfamiliar to me but easy enough to understand). I also made a list of old newspapers we had in our archive, making note of the date and the issue number. In the afternoons I worked with Christina on the Library’s blog and on the new Study Skills display.

I found the Library an easy and enjoyable place to work, with great quality resources and a wonderful and efficient team. My four day placement came as a welcome relief after AS Level mocks the previous week, and I will certainly return to college feeling refreshed and in a positive state of mind. During my lunch hours this week I made the most of the campus and its facilities, including the canteen and the 24 hour Costa. The Tuesday market provided a welcome opportunity to buy fresh fruit and vegetables to take home, as well as a vegetable samosa and a slice of cheesecake for lunch. I would recommend a visit to anyone who is around on a Tuesday.

Brunel will certainly be on my list of potential Universities to apply to once my A Levels are done. In fact, it would be a wasted opportunity not to, given its nearby location and my familiarity with the campus and the Library. Meanwhile I will be following your activity via the Library’s Facebook page and will keep any eye out for any events on campus in the near future. Either way, you can be sure you will hear from me again.


Marcus Davenport


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