The Library is a universal place of learning, so shouldn’t it cover a universal range of books, authors and genres?

Brunel University and the Union of Brunel Students have undertaken and funded a Liberated Library campaign as part of #LiberateMyDegree to diversify our Library and offer new books by authors from the global south, people of colour, female, queer and disabled authors. This will enhance the student experience when accessing the Library, whilst also liberating students’ education away from standard white male and Eurocentric reading lists. They will also be able to look at different perspectives of life and use the knowledge in their education to attain a good degree.

What’s great is that the new books will be chosen by you students! From the 6th of February you will be able to suggest books that you are interested in reading academically and recreationally. We will also be launching the campaign by celebrating authors in the library every day from the 6th to the 10th of February. Here’s the timetable:


Monday 6th – Celebrating disabled authors

Tuesday 7th – Celebrating black authors

Wednesday 8th – Celebrating Asian author

Thursday 9th – Celebrating queer authors

Friday 10th – Celebrating female authors


There will be a stall in the Library between 11 am and 2pm throughout the week beginning 6th February where we’ll be displaying some of the books we already have in stock along with biographies of representative authors each day. We’ll also be handing out the book suggestion forms which can be handed in either at the Library or at the Student Union reception. However, to save your legs (and arms) there will also be a laptop on hand for electronic submissions. Don’t worry if you can’t get in to the Library in person, as you can also make suggestions online here. The closing date for suggestions is 28th Feb.

The Student Union team will be making the final selection of books to be added to stock in early March and will be contacting those of you whose suggestions have been taken up to let you know the books are on the way. We’ll also be putting special stickers on the #liberatedlibrary books so you’ll be able to see which books have been the fruits of your efforts when they reach the shelves.

So please come in and take part if you able to, or make a suggestion online. And keep on the lookout for a blog post with the full lists of the books that have been chosen coming up soon!



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