Focus group feedback update…

Back in March, we publicised the results of a focus group we held at the beginning of the year. We’re happy to say we can give an update on a few action areas that the session brought to light. (You can read the original feedback posts here and here.)

We’ve not stopped looking into ways we can address the other areas of improvement or action you highlighted, but we can happily report on some very concrete developments that have taken place over the summer.


Anyone who’s been in the Library this summer will have noticed an incredible amount of refurbishment work taking place in the building over the last couple of months. As a result of all this activity, the ground floor will have additional male, female and unisex / accessible toilets. In addition, the 1st floor will have 1 accessible and a number of unisex toilets and the 2nd floor will now have male and female toilets. The new toilets are just off the central staircase on floors 1 and 2 and by the lift at the back of the building on the ground floor. We hope this will make the Library a much more comfortable place for users on all floors.


Alongside the building work on the first three floors, we’ve also been juggling the shelving space on floors 1 and 2. These stock moves will create around 50 additional study spaces, most of which will be powered (either fixed PCs or laptop spaces). So hopefully this will at least partially address the requests for more computer enabled study space.

Collaborative Suites

You seemed to like the all-singing, all-dancing interactive study table we introduced last year. So we’ve only gone and got another *three*… No, really….it’s no trouble!

Noise/Book fetch

We take the zoning of the Library very seriously and have tried to introduce a range of environments that we hope will enable people to study in the conditions that suit them best. Of course, those conditions won’t always be absolutely observed to exactly the same standards by everyone– we all have our own subjective idea of what ‘quiet’ is and so on. But we’ve found that, broadly speaking, once people have found a space that suits them, they tend, by and large, to try to keep it that way and we don’t usually need to ‘police’ this except in extreme or isolated cases.

Previously we’ve provided a service specifically to deal with noise complaints and found that there was, more often than not, no noise complaint to deal with when we arrived. So what we’re going to try from the beginning of the new term is to sign the Library with posters highlighting the designated noise level we expect in each area. These posters will have details of all the ways you can contact us – text number, Twitter and Facebook – and what we’re hoping is that people will use these to contact us in the event of any noise problems *and* for any other queries they may have. So please, if you can’t find the book your looking for or if the room you’re using is too hot or if you just want to speak to someone who isn’t playing Pokémon Go!, then PLEASE GET IN TOUCH….



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