Welcome to LibSmart

Whatever stage you are at in your journey at Brunel, there is always something new to learn – whether that’s how to find and select information which is relevant to your requirements, critically evaluate that information, or use that information ethically and legally.

If your query is for your first assignment or for your dissertation, our friendly and knowledgeable Librarians can help via our LibSmart service.

We provide drop-in help in the Learning Commons and are there from 1-6 Monday-Thursday and 1-5 on Fridays. In this space you will also find a mixture of PCs and comfy seating, allowing you to study on your own or to work with groups.

learning commons


There are lots of other ways the Subject Liaison Librarians can help:

LibSmart Focus

From Week 4 (starting 19th October), every Wednesday at 1pm there will be a short targeted Focus session led by one of the Subject Liaison Librarians in the Learning Commons. Subjects will vary and will range from highlighting a new resource to top tips on searching. These will enable you to get the most out of the Library and save you time and stress.

There is no need to book. Five minutes not enough? Don’t worry – we will still be available at the LibSmart Point for you to drop in with any further queries or questions.

LibSmart Workshops

Learn new skills with LibSmart workshops – an added bonus for being a Brunel student! Enhance your learning, get to grips with your digital footprint, or boost your employability – there are many options to choose from.

For further information and to book visit http://libguides.brunel.ac.uk/libsmart


Keep an eye out for our regular café style events where you can drop in and chat about your assignments or referencing over a hot drink.

LibSmart appointments

Can’t drop in? Book an appointment with your Department’s own Librarian via your subject guide – http://libguides.brunel.ac.uk/


At The Shelves

We’re not always in the Learning Commons -your Subject Liaison Librarian can also meet you at the shelves for your subject, helping you find books from your reading lists. Keep an eye out for SLL@TheShelves dates and times on our Learning Wall and across Library social media channels – follow us on Twitter via @LibSmart for updates.

We look forward to seeing you.


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