Database of the Month – IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Database of the Month – IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Summer can often be an unfixed kind of season, no UG timetables, capricious weather, shifting transport schedules and irregular scheduling on television. One professional organisation works to combat such vagaries in human existence, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), which develops the standards for a number of technical and scientific industries and strives to create consensus and consistency. The IEEE’s mission is “advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity” [1] and this is certainly reflected in the usability and design of their excellent database IEEE Xplore Digital Library, some of the many reasons it have been chosen as July’s Database of the Month.IEEE Link

The IEEE Xplore Digital Library comprises over 170 journals and magazines, conference proceedings, eBooks, and importantly 5100+ technical standards related to industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical engineering, computer science, electronics, power and energy, and telecommunications. Students of these disciplines can look here for key technical literature and a huge ranges of information sources. An important aspect of this is their technical standards, publications that outline criteria and procedure used to produce robust materials and products. Usefully, IEEE Xplore includes access to more than 800 e-books published by Wiley-IEEE and more than 600 e-books published in the MIT Press eBooks Library – Computing and Engineering Collection.

A great advantage of the database is its currency, useful to ensure you are up to date on recent developments. Around 20,000 items are added every month, and database and journal collections are updated weekly. At last count, the collection contained almost 4 million items. The portal to this plenty is via the varied search options on the database, which help navigation through the documents. The basic search, allows simple keyword searching of titles, authors and abstracts, while the more advanced searching allows combinations with simple Boolean connectors to give more targeted results and search within the text of the document. What is also handy are the well thought out help options, which include User Guides, FAQ’s, User Tips and training videos.

To search for IEEE Xplore Digital Library, from the Library Homepage, simply:

◦Follow the link to Databases A-Z

◦ Select ‘I’, scroll down and follow the link for IEEE/IET Electronic Library.

In this world of uncertainties, the IEEE Xplore Digital Library offers solid grounds to base your research on.

[1] IEEE. (2016). IEEE About Home [Online]. Available:


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