Ife’s Work Experience

For my work experience, I decided to ‘work’ at Brunel University Library. I was amazed at the different groups that worked together in the library to help keep it running, from the Research Data team to the Customer Services  team.

Unfortunately, the week long experience has almost come to an end, and although it was quite short (and cold and wet), it was also rather enjoyable. Going back to school will seem strange and somewhat boring after helping Christina catching Pokemon in the office  and the school library will appear inferior to Brunel’s special collection of books on trains, railway plus the archives alongside. Uncommon sightings of the Brunel cat also added to the experience somehow.


One of my favourite sessions in the library was the tour I received of the Special Collections room. I really enjoyed looking through books from as far back as 150 years ago, and looking at trains tickets from around 100 years ago then comparing it to the modern day train ticket, the Oyster. There is still something incredible about going through books that we see as a rare or sacred piece of historical evidence, but the people reading it from the time period it came from saw it as an ordinary book.


It’s interesting to see how different people with different qualifications come together to form different teams which all contribute to help the library progress and work. Also, it’s nice to be able to talk to different people and understand what skills they use to help assist them in their jobs own jobs.

Although I may not get a job in a library (but not impossible), I’m glad to say I’m still taking away several skills and tips I should be able to apply to future jobs and work experiences. At least if I want to become a cashier at some point, I can thank Jeanette for the daily 30 minute sessions first thing in the morning!


A huge thank you to everyone in the library for allowing me to work alongside you or shadow you while you work!


Ife Awoniyi


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