Marcus’ Work Experience Reflections

I have been made to feel very welcome here at Brunel University Library. In fact, it’s quite amazing how easily I have fitted in with the other staff. My two week work experience placement has gone so quickly, and yet it seems like I’ve been here a lot longer. I have gotten to know the campus relatively well during my lunch breaks, and have made the most of the canteen, Costa and Subway! The Tuesday Market, in particular, is a positive asset of the campus, and one I was keen to explore.

tim john and marcus


The weekly radio show, hosted by Tim and John, is another highlight in the Brunel Library week, and I had the huge privilege of being able to say a few words on the air!



Creating book displays was another task I took up with enthusiasm, gathering together books on a specific subject or ones that share a common theme. The first was entitled Brexit?, with the aim of allowing students to become more familiar with the EU before the referendum, and another called Study Skills (to help students prepare for exams). You can read about these displays on my other blog posts linked above.


Another of the skills I have learned here is the process of “book repair”, of which I had no prior knowledge. The Library of Congress classification system took a while to get used to, but that didn’t stop me stacking shelves for two weeks! One can easily lose oneself in a library of this size, either by forgetting which floor is which or by being distracted by the rows of books (and had I not been working there I almost certainly would have!)

I would like to thank all my fellow staff for helping me to settle in, and to the students I wish nothing but the best for the impending exams. I trust my book display will prove useful. I hope to come back some time in the near future (especially if the Market is still there on Tuesdays!) In fact, I wouldn’t rule out getting a job at this or another library permanently!

But for now, goodbye!



My ‘Brexit?’ book display


We’re really glad Marcus enjoyed his time with us. If you’d like to enquire about doing work experience at Brunel Library, drop us an email at



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