Book Displays: Study Skills

Written by Marcus Davenport as part of his work experience placement at Brunel University London Library.

As your exams approach, we thought we at Brunel University Library would help you improve your study skills and get better grades by making a display of books aimed at helping students organise their study times, improve the quality of their work, have a positive attitude to revision, and of course, pass their exams!

Here are a few of the ones we’ve chosen…


12 Steps to Study Success (Conrad Lashley and Warwick Best)

This small handbook is an essential port of call for all University students during exam time, helping you to study to the best of your ability and bump up your grades!


Skills for Success: The Personal Development Planning Handbook (Stella Cottrell)

Stella Cottrell is a former Director of Lifelong Learning at the University of Luton and in this book she provides advice for students to help them achieve their goals, as well as discussing the skills and qualities wanted by would be employers.


Sail Through Exams! (Peter Levin)

Short but effective, this book is essential reading for undergrads and postgrads alike, helping you to do exactly what the title says!


How to Write Better Essays (Bryan Grantham)

Struggling with your essays? Look no further! This is the perfect book if you want to improve the structure of your essays, brainstorm your ideas, evaluate arguments and analyse key questions.


The Study Skills Handbook: third edition (Stella Cottrell)

Described as your passport to success, this book gives helpful and user friendly advice on everything from time management to analytical thinking, including new chapters on e-learning!

Most of these titles are self-explanatory, and I hope these and all the other books on our display will be put to good use by students over the next few weeks. Good luck and keep on studying!

We welcome any feedback from students about this and other book displays around the library. Please comment or email us at


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