Book Displays: Brexit?

Written by Marcus Davenport from Uxbridge College while on work placement.

The EU referendum is fast approaching, and the British public (that’s you) will have the opportunity to decide the future of this country. The question may be simple (should the UK stay in the European Union or leave it), but answering it is anything but. When you cast your votes, do not do so lightly. Make sure you are familiar with the arguments on both sides, and above all make sure you know the facts. We thought it would be a good idea to create a public display with some books on the subject, so you can have a chance to self-educate about the EU before the big day. And if you’re someone who hasn’t taken notice of the debate so far or perhaps doesn’t know much about the EU and what Britain’s membership means, why not take a look. The stakes are too high for you not to pay attention…


1. What’s wrong with the European Union and how to fix it – Simon Hix

This book offers a pragmatic and matter of fact take on the problems facing Europe today and proposed solutions thereof.


2. Understanding the European Union: A concise introduction – John McCormick

An essential port of call for anyone who wants to become more familiar with how the EU works and what it does, as well its history and ideals.


3.   Better off out? The benefits and costs of EU membership – Brian Hindley and Martin Howe

As the title suggests, this book provides a balanced guide to both sides of the EU debate, examining whether the UK is better off in or out, and what the costs and benefits of both options would be.


4. Resolving the European Crisis (perspectives on the future of the European Union) – Paul Jervis (editor)

A collection of essays from figures on both sides of the debate (Caroline Lucas, John Redwood, Chris Bryant, Chris Huhne, Daniel Hannan, to name but a few).



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