Book Displays: Healthy Living

It’s that time of the month again: time for another Library blog post! We’ve chosen our book display this month to be about healthy living, which isn’t always just about exercise and healthy eating, it’s about a few other things too…

  1. Flowflowjpg

Being emotionally and mentally healthy is a major key in achieveing university success. This book, Flow, deals with the concept of an “optimal experience”- what the author describes as deep enjoyment, creativity and a total involvement with life


2. The Pursuit of Perfection: the Promise and Perils of Medical Enhancement


We’re an academic library so it’d be remiss of us not to include some very academic books. This one, the pursuit of perfection, is an examination of medical enhancement: shaping human boddies to perform better in whatever way is needed. That unfolds some philosophical questions too- when is a body in need of enhancement?

3. The Complete Guide to Stretching


There’s nothing better than a good stretch upon waking up, but we were also interested to find out that regular stretching has a number of different benefits, including reduced muscle tension, better coordination, and increased energy levels- because your body has increased circulation, not to mention the most obvious benefit, increased flexibility. Useful.

4. Markets and Health Care


As any Brunel Politics student will be able to tell you, heaslth care is political. In a welfare state like Britain, where free health care is provided to all British citizens, where does the line of what’s covered and what’s not end? More recently too, the government has been contracting out healthcare services to private companies. This book examines how pro market, pro competitive ideas in healthcare reform work in a changing global economy. We’ll leave you to make your mind up about whether it’s a good thing or not.


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