Easter is nearly here, and in celebration we have created a book display on floor 1 of the library. We have included all things Easter, and if you’re in need of something to do during a break from revision this Easter, we have some ideas.

Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade:


Why not watch a feel good Easter musical? Easter Parade is the perfect choice. It’s a feel good musical that won the 1948 academy film for Best Original Music Score. The plot revolves around a nightclub performer enlisting the help of a chorus girl to make his former dance partner jealous, and all against the backdrop of a musical Easter Parade.

Bright Ideas: Easter Activities


If you’re the creative type, what better way to de stress over the holidays than having a go at some Easter baking and craft projects?

‘Bright Ideas: Easter Activities’ includes some intriguing, yet simple recipes, including Simnel cake (a toasted fruit cake with layers of almond paste and marzipan), Hot Cross buns, Easter biscuits, Italian dove cake, and Fig Pie [has anyone ever really enjoyed that??- Becky].

Or, you could embrace your inner child and follow the instructions for making a decorative egg holder, pressed flower Easter cards, or an Easter basket.

The Easter Book


Have a look and discover how different nations celebrate Easter, and perhaps incorporate some of the traditions into your Easter this year.

Did you know that ‘In Holland, families pick branches and spray them with gold or silver paint, and hang them with sweets and nuts’?

In East Africa, an Easter favourite is ‘Matoke’; a dish made of boiled ripened bananas.

Sweet Dreams: The Story of Green & Blacks


Or if you happen to be eating Green & Black’s chocolate this Easter, perhaps you’d enjoy a good read about the couple, Craig and Josephine, who launched the company in 1991, and how integral Fairtrade and green policies are to the company.


Written by Becky Tabrar and Christina Ross


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