Surviving All-Nighters: The Library Guide

We know that some parts of the academic year are way busier than others- the Library footfall shows that! But another look at our footfall shows something else. The closer we get to major University deadline dates, the more people are in the Library overnight. We know that we can’t dissuade you from doing an all nighter- and for some people, it’s a key part of their study routine. What we wanted to do instead was to give you a few tips on how to do one effectively and healthily.

Have a Plan


If you want an all nighter to work for you, you’re going to need a plan, and you’re going to need to know what your objective is. Is it to finish an essay? Revise for that exam next week? Either way, you’re going to need to know what you want to achieve.

Come Prepared

be prepared

Can’t study without a packet of Minstrels for moral support? Grab some on your way in. The same goes for those studying essentials- pen, paper, post it notes.  A light jumper is also a good idea- did you know that at night your body temperature dips? By now, you’ll know the tools you need to study effectively- don’t forget them!

Set Yourself Goals


Yes, we know that this sounds similar to our first tip- but it isn’t really. You need to set yourself goals for the evening you’re planning to spend in the Library. Whether that’s you planning to knock out 300 words in an hour, know everything there is know about aerodynamics in carrier pigeons, or something else Library staff haven’t heard of- you’ll need to set yourself goals for each hour of the evening.

Take plenty of breaks

regular breaks

You’re not going to be much use to anyone, least of all your uni results, if you don’t take a break when your head starts swimming from all the information you’re trying to cram inside it. Techniques like the Pomodoro, where you spend 25 minutes working, and then have a five minute break, are really good at helping you take a moment just to refresh your mind and get you ready for another period of concentration. This way, you won’t end up giving in and falling asleep until the end of your study session.




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