Book Display: Feminism

This month’s Library display is all about feminism.

The fight for women’s rights is long lasting, from women in the UK gaining the right to vote in the early 1900s, to modern day feminist campaigns like Everyday Sexism, and the He for She campaign.


Here are five books from the book display we’d like to highlight

  1. The circle of empowerment : twenty-five years of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women , Edited by Hanna Beate Schopp-Schilling.


Described as a ‘comprehensive history and a guide to the establishment of womens’ rights’, this book is a ‘insightful’ and detailed guide to the work of the UN in removing discrimination against women.


2.For her own good : two centuries of the experts’ advice to women by Barbara Ehrenreich


This is a history of the constraints imposed on women in the name of science. It’s a trip through different scientific beliefs and how they made women conform to stereotypical tropes of womanhood.


3. Women’s human rights : seeking gender justice in a globalizing age by Niamh Reilly


This book is a great primer for the history of women’s human rights in the last 30 years. Although the setting is broad, Reilly’s interpretations can be applied at a local, and personal level.


4. The beauty myth : how images of beauty are used against women by Naomi Wolf

wolf.jpgDescibed as ‘the most important book for women in a decade’ Wolf’s book is all about the social pressure women are under to look and act a certain way- the obsession with physical perfection.

5. Ladies of the Grand Tour by Brian Dolan


This book differs from the other books in this list- it focuses on a particular group of people. In the Georgian era, women were not permitted to engage in the same activities as men, particularly and that implied a degree of independence. The traditional ‘Grand Tour’ was taken by men in society, who spent a few years travelling the world to broaden their horizons. This book explores the women who flouted societal convention in order to go on their own Grand Tour.


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