Database of the Month: CINAHL Plus

January is traditionally a time when we make new and increasingly unlikely resolutions to focus on our health and lifestyles, so it seems apt that our Database of the Month at the commencement of the year is CINAHL Plus, a comprehensive indexing and abstracting database covering all things allied health and nursing, as well biomedical resources. CINAHL Plus is the key database for health sciences.

For those unfamiliar with its excellent capabilities the database indexes over 5,000 journals with full-text access to almost eighty periodicals such as the European Journal of Cancer Care or the Journal of Infectious Diseases. This means that it is a good place to start when searching on topic from Amyloidosis to Zellweger Syndrome. Easy to use, like its other stablemates in the EBSCO platform, the search functions are straightforward, but can result in a comprehensive and complex search when using the Advanced Search functions.

CINAHL Plus has a number of useful aspects. As a student, one way to orientate you to a subject is to begin with an Evidence-Based Care Sheet, which reviews the literature on a topic to create a handy summary of current information. Or try a Quick Lesson, a brief overview of a condition and possible treatments.

If you are struggling to find results a convenient feature is the ability to search using the structured CINAHL Headings, similar to the MeSH heading. When searching you can select heading appropriate to your search, which might bring up alternatives to broaden your findings.

To search for CINAHL Plus, from the Library Homepage, simply:

◦Follow the link to Databases A-Z

◦Select your database from the A-Z menu, e.g. CINAHL Plus

Using this database might be one way to keep those resolutions to concentrate on health, without having to imbibe one green kale smoothie or attend a bootcamp!


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