Welcome to the Learning Commons

learningcommonslogos (1)If you’re returning to the Library after a summer away from Brunel, then you will notice we’ve made a few changes, with a particularly noticeable difference being the creation of the Learning Commons on floor 1. By careful rearranging of our shelving we have been able to free space in the extension to create a flexible study area which will provide a new home for the LibSmart drop-in service, as well as other activities led by Subject Librarians and other library services.

IMG_6579You’ll also find new study furniture, including booths which have built in power points and USB sockets for charging phones, laptops and other devices, each providing space for up to 4 people. As well as the booths, the rest of the furniture in the Learning Commons is mobile, and can be easily moved to fit with a range of activities, including clearing the floor completely to enable use as a makerspace – useful when working on robot projects or building balsa wood models. We’re also keen to hear your ideas on how it could be used, particularly for activities led by groups and societies – if you’d like to discuss this then do get in touch.



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