5 Ways to stay ahead this Exam season

photo1Ah, exams. Everyone’s favourite time of year. As we’ve already discussed in this post, the Library becomes the most popular place on campus for the next few weeks (apart from Subway), and at peak times the building is full of students feeling the pressure and feeling hyper-focussed. We’re running activities and putting measures in place to try and ease some of the stress (more details here), but there are also some things you can do to help things run more smoothly for everyone. Here’s our hit list of five things to bear in mind:

1. Keep the noise down. We have spaces which are defined as Silent, and although some people still have an interesting definition of Silence, it’s generally fairly straightforward. On floors 1 and 2 we ask for Quiet study – some chatting is okay, but remember that although two people talking may seem quiet, when everyone is doing it the space is suddenly quite loud. Wherever you are, if talking is allowed, please try to keep it down and to a minimum, and base it on discussions around studying rather than what happened in Liquid last night.

2. When you’ve done – go somewhere else. Seriously, we’re all thrilled that you’ve finished, and it’s nice that you are able to relax a bit, but someone else needs the chair, and the silence. Do yourself a favour, have a change of scenery, and move on. We won’t be afraid to ask you to.

3. Don’t leave your stuff. This is two-fold. If you leave your things here then someone could steal them, and we can’t take responsibility for your belongings. If you’re heading out for up to half an hour, it’s okay to leave a note with the date and time that you left,  but outside that time or without a note then you could lose your place. If you leave things at a PC and it has logged out through inactivity, someone else can use the PC.

4.Look after yourself. The Library is open 24 hours, but you shouldn’t take that as a challenge. Go home, shower, have a proper meal, and shower. We’ll be giving away fruit during the exam season, but that’s not as a survival pack.

5. Talk to us. Follow #StudyWellBrunel on twitter for tips, space updates and news on activities. If you’re being disturbed by other people’s behaviour or want to report any problems in the building you can send us a text at any time on 02033222298 with details (normal network charges apply).

Good luck!


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