Need tech help?

If you’re one of the millions of people receiving or buying a shiny new phone, laptop or tablet over the holidays, we’re guessing you’ll probably want to get it connected to the Brunel network as soon as you get back on campus – and we’re also guessing that once you start having to track down MAC addresses and device IDs, you might need a hand.

Tech Zone BannerTo make things a bit easier and more pain-free, from 5 January the Library will be hosting The Tech Zone, a drop-in service with lots of friendly helpful experts who can get you back up and running for the new term, whether you’re connecting a new device, need help remembering your password after too many weeks away eating mince pies, or have any other question relating to IT.

This two week project will run between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday from 5 January to 16 January inclusive – and of course you can still find plenty of information including guides and video tutorials on the Connect portal.



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