Beat the exam pressure with 5 simple tips

Updated SMS Sign copyThe end of term 1 is always a busy time in the Library, and this year we’re likely to be even busier with the new winter exam season. Even with our expanded hours for group study rooms and our increase in study spaces, space and students are going to be under pressure – you can help by following these simple guidelines:

Don’t reserve study spaces: At busy times of year study spaces are like core text books – everyone wants them at the same time, and there’s often a waiting list. If we receive reports that study spaces have been reserved with belongings then we will move them to one side to free space up for someone else to use. If a space has a PC and it has logged off, this shows the space has been unattended for 20 minutes, and again we will move belongings to one side.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended: We regularly see laptops, purses, bags and phones left lying round on tables, and occasionally receive reports of thefts. Personal belongings are your own responsibility when in the Library, and should be kept with you at all times.

Observe the zones, and keep it down: We have a zoning system which provides spaces for group, quiet and silent study around the building, but please remember that even when working in a group this is a Library, not a football stadium, and noise should be kept at a sensible level.

Use somewhere else to socialise: If you’ve finished studying for the day, or are taking a break, then please go and enjoy some free time away from the Library. You’ll be able to clear your head and relax better when you don’t have to worry about disturbing fellow students who are still trying to work hard.

Report it: If you’re finding it difficult to study because of someone else’s behaviour, whether because they are make a noise or because they have left belongings and vanished, tell us. You can text us 24 hours a day on 020 33222298 to report noise or any other problems with study space.


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