National Poetry Week – We have a winner!

imageEarlier this term we asked for submissions of poetry as part of our calendar of events for National Poetry Week, and received many entries from students here at Brunel.

Entries were shown to a small panel of readers in the Library, and the chosen winner was Momtaza Warsame, a second year Biomedical Sciences student. Momtaza describes herself as having an insatiable appetite for poetry, and her winning poem ‘London Calling’ was inspired by the multilingual nature of our capital, which can both frustrate and exhilarate. It is this poetry in the everyday that she is keen to explore, and London Calling is a poem exploring the language barrier from both sides; a delve into the minefield that is communication.

London Calling – by Momtaza Warsame

 London’s calling –

Bangalore to be exact,

 a global conversation booming inside a semi-detached Kilburnite world

It’s taken him two months

sixteen moons

four hundred rupees

a dozen looped audiotapes

one sardine-like boxed classroom

to singe the tongue, muzzle fleshy membrane

into obedience.

‘Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa’ – repeat after me

said the instructor, Rahul, his accent clear as shards

Soon you’ll sound just like Queenie.

once those inflections were confined under maximum security

the job would be yours to take, money to eat, money to send.

A destiny coiled within telephone lines,

Telecommunication kismet –  it’s funny how life turns out.

‘Sorry. Can’t understand a word, mate. Could you repeat that?’


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