John Glen

OCT 4 – 10TH
In the early days of the space race there was real excitement at each rocket lift-off and media coverage was intense. Even though routine manned space flights are no longer greeted with great media coverage space programs still can generate intense interest as witnessed by the media coverage of India’s recent successful space launch. World Space Week is the largest public space event on Earth and has been a world-wide focus of all things outer-spacey since 1999. Last year more than 1,400 events in 80 countries celebrated the benefits of space and excitement about space exploration. This year’s theme highlights new satellite navigation and its slogan is “Space: Guiding Your Way” and the most intriguing event in and around London looks to be a talk on the tracking of the flight path of missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 . Reading about how this was done sounds, to a layperson, like magic and really sparks the imagination and that’s fab because what you can’t see in your imagination you can’t make a reality. We’ve selected a few choice books and things to spark your imagination ahead of World Space Week.
Get your imagination going by listening to Billy Bragg’s A New England  

“I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them, but they were only satellites
It’s wrong to wish on space hardware
I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care”

Or try Telestar (a Billboard number 1  in 1962) in the library’s database Music Online or if you like the sound of music traditions falling to the ground try a bluegrass version of David Bowie’s Rocket man performed by Iron Horse.

Then check out a selection of space related books displayed on the library ground floor. Try  Visions of heaven containing the Hubble Space Telescope’s spectacular pictures of nearby planets, remote stars, and distant galaxies or maybe the story Yellow blue tiba in which Stalin orders Russian writers to compose a massively detailed and highly believable story about an alien race poised to invade the earth. For the more technically minded we’ve included Using GPS which is about, well using GPS – you’ll never feel lost again. Enjoy!


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