What’s changed?

IMG_6089If you’re returning to campus this week after a summer elsewhere, you will probably notice that we have made a few changes to the Library while you’ve been away. We’ve already posted separate updates about some of the new arrivals to the Bannerman Centre, but here’s a quick tally of some other changes you might notice:

  • A new Law Library – in the previous location the Law Library was spread across two rooms, and study spaces were rather cramped. By extending more journal access to the more popular online access we were able to free enough space on Floor 3 to create a new Law Library, providing a much more comfortable environment, including PC study spaces for the first time.
  • More teaching space – we have created two new teaching rooms on floor two, in space that was previously used for staff offices. At the same time we have renamed the Seminar Room and Library Training Room (LTR) and now have Teaching Rooms 1,2 and 3 on floor 2, and Teaching Room 4 on floor 3.
  • Increased PG provision – The Postgraduate Room has moved from floor 2 to floor 3, and we have also reallocated study space within the Research Commons to provide PCs, something which has been regularly requested.
  • More powered study spaces – in addition to relocating PC study space to floor 1, we have added more powered study spaces on floor 2, increasing the capacity to work with laptops and other devices.
  • Extended lift access – by relocating a door on the ground floor we have been able to extend access to the second lift (next to the main stairs) for everyone to use. Please be careful using this lift as we do use it to move book trolleys between floors.

We hope you’ll find these changes beneficial, and will post updates about any further developments – we’ll also be running feedback events later this term, but if you have any further suggestions please do let us know – you can send ideas through to us at library@brunel.ac.uk.


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