Noisy Neighbour?

Updated SMS Sign copy

As studying starts in earnest and the Library gets busier it’s worth giving a reminder about the study zones around the building.

The ground floor is zoned as social study space, where it’s easy to work in groups around PCs, open study spaces and powered spaces. In this area it’s ok to use your phone and talk normally.

Floors 1 and 2 are for quiet study, and apart from the group study rooms should mostly be used to study individually or in pairs – you’ll find a mixture of study spaces including informal seating and a few desks set up for small groups to work at. In these areas you can use your phone and talk quietly, but please turn off ringtones and other noises on handheld devices.Quiet Study

The main part of Floor 3 is zoned for silent study. Study spaces here are set up for individual study, and people working in groups may be asked to leave. No talking is permitted, and calls should be taken away from the landing outside this area. If you are leaving the Law Library, which is zoned for quiet study, please be quiet until you are away from this floor. You will also find silent study rooms on floors 1 and 2.Silent Study

If you are next to someone who seems unaware of this guidance and is disturbing your studying, it might be enough to let them know – they might not realise they are causing a disturbance. If this doesn’t work, you can text us on 02033222298 telling us where you are and what the problem is and we’ll send staff to investigate. You can also use this text line to report faults such as broken furniture or faulty equipment.

Wherever you are in the Library, please remember that space is provided for studying, and that people around you may be trying to complete work on a deadline, so do be considerate of this.


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