Looking to buy or sell books? Try UniBoard.

uniboardOnce you’ve covered the basics like rent and food, one of the biggest costs of studying can be course books, sports equipment and other household appliances. Figures from the NUS from 2012/13 advised students to budget for an expected expenditure of over £1000 per year on books and equipment alone, and depending on your subject and level of study this can go even higher.

The Library works closely with Colleges to provide core texts and background reading, but there will always be some titles that you want for yourself. You could spread the cost by forming study groups with classmates, and deciding which to buy. There are plenty of options for buying used books, sports equipment and housing appliances online but this leads to the next question, where to look? And what to do once you’ve finished with all your university stuff?

This year we’re pleased to announce UniBoard, which is a new and local option being trialled by the Library in partnership with the Union of Brunel Students and Student Health and Wellbeing. UniBoard is an online noticeboard for students to search, buy and sell all of their unwanted and unused university items. Its free, quick and easy to use. To register, you just need to provide a few details, including your Brunel email address, and then you are ready to browse what’s on sale, or to upload details for items you want to sell. Because the system is authenticated using your Brunel email address you can arrange to meet on campus to make the transaction in person.

UniBoard was dreamt up by a student – Matt Beveridge, who won a national student competition run by JISC to turn his vision into a platform that students could really use. After several months of research and planning, with the help of Brunel Library Services, Matt believes this is a site that could really benefit students, by saving them both, time and money. This September the site launches goes live at Brunel University, and throughout the year students will have the chance to provide feedback and suggestions on what works well and you think is missing from the site. Working together, we hope this will be a useful site, that will be a free, quick and easy option for buying and selling, as well as helping you save some money.

To visit UniBoard, go to www.brunel.uni-board.co.uk, and look out for more details as we go through the year.


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