Postgraduate Room Relocating

RCnighttime_jpegThis week will see the final transfer of the Postgraduate Room to its new home in the Library, room 317a, as it becomes available 24/7. From Thursday morning the current room (213) will close, and all remaining provision will relocate, including lockers, which will be located in the room and the adjacent corridor. Given the current weather you may also be interested to know that this room has air conditioning. We will also be relocating some PCs to the Research Commons, which is still restricted to Postgraduates and staff.

During Library opening times the new space will be accessible from the green staircase and lift, through the main Library entrance. When the Library is closed access will be via the current route of the purple staircase and the PG doorway (but remember to go up an extra floor). The relocation of this space brings it fully within the Library, and will enable us to provide full staffing support, in particular during our 24 hour opening, to provide a suitable study environment.

Access through the swipe controls will be automatically transferred from Thursday morning, and no further action will be necessary to gain access to the new space. We will do everything possible to make this final move run smoothly, and will post any changes to the schedule, but if you have any questions then please do get in touch:


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