Tickets, money, passport…

beachWhether you’re finishing for the year, preparing to leave Brunel for good, or coming back as a postgraduate, here are a few things to make sure you’ve done before you head off for the summer:

  • Make sure you have returned everything you no longer need, or check the return dates on anything you want to keep for the summer. Remember you only have one renewal on longloan items, and that items might be recalled, so plan accordingly if you’re borrowing over the vacation.
  • Check your account. If you are leaving this is particularly important, but it’s good practice to check everything is in order, that everything you think has been returned is no longer showing on your account and that all fines are paid.
  • If you’re between courses but coming back next year, we may be able to help with continued access to borrowing. Speak to your tutors or your Subject Librarian for your next course if you’d like them to request this.

Remember if you’re leaving Brunel completely you are eligible for alumni membership – reference use is free, and there is a reduced rate for borrowing membership.

Whatever happens now, we hope you’ve had a great year, and that you have a lovely summer.



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