Was the 4th with you?

LibraryJediIn the 2001 census, 390,000 people listed their religion as Jedi, making it the fourth biggest ‘belief’ in the country.  I was one of those people, and I do consider myself a Jedi.  My name is Tim Harris and I am your Library Jedi (that’s me in the picture).  If you’re not sure why May the 4th was Star Wars day, just keep saying “May the 4th be with you” a few times and you will get there.  May is full of connections to the series, as all six films were released in May,  and George Lucas‘ birthday is on the 14th May.

If you’re lookingh for a way to relax during the exam season, here are some ideas for how to belatedly mark Star Wars Day:

  • Watch any of the movies; Better still, have a Star Wars marathon, and watch two or three (or 6) of them (all six films will take you about 13 hours to watch).
  • Get out your lightsaber and practice for the next invasion from the Evil Empire.
  • Have a Star Wars costume party.
  • Learn some Star Wars Trivia, there’s no shortage.

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