Study Spaces Aren’t Sun Loungers…

Deck Chair at Edge of Swimming PoolMany regular users of the Library have their own favourite spot for studying, maybe because there’s a nice view, or near the books that they enjoy using, or because it’s near the coffee machine. Maybe you’ve found a hidden corner that is tucked away from everyone else and means you can really focus on your studies.

Unfortunately, during exam time the number of people using the Library rockets, and puts increasing pressure on the spaces available. We have added extra furniture and created additional spaces to try and meet this demand, but the pressure is still there.

PCs in the Library have an auto-log off that will trigger after 20 minutes of inactivity, and any PC which isn’t logged in will be viewed as available for use by another person.

If you’re leaving belongings to reserve a space in the Library – please don’t. Firstly, you risk losing your belongings to thieves who will spot an opportunity to gain themselves a new laptop, wallet, credit card, phone or any of the other belongings that we regularly find left unattended. Secondly, you are depriving someone else of the opportunity to use that space.

Our ongoing policy to keep spaces available is that Library staff will move left belongings, to release the space for other people – if you are aware of spaces being reserved in this way, please let us know, using online chat or texting us on 02033222298.


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