Library Heating – An Update

Heating-RadiatorFollowing on from recent discussions on facebook and twitter,  we wanted to give an update about heating systems and temperatures in the Library. 

As summer visitors will know, there is no air conditioning in the Library (apart from in the LTR on floor 3). We do have at least three different heating systems, all of which are controlled centrally, and are switched on at the same time as other heating on campus (and have been on since October). 

During last week’s cold spell, we saw a spate of comments from people feeling cold, and a fault was identified with the ducted heating system covering the extension, where some of the fans were operating at a lower temperature than expected. This has now been rectified, and the temperatures in this area are back to a suitable level.

We are currently running two hourly temperature checks across the building, taking readings in study spaces which we can compare against the automated sensor readings, and in addition we have been responding to reports where people tell us they are feeling cold. Largely these are showing that heating systems are working properly, and that air temperatures are at the appropriate levels, but have shown there are some problems with draughts. Work is now under way to rectify these, and in the meantime the temperatures across all the systems have been raised.

To help us identify where more work needed, if you’re studying in the Library and feel cold, please let us know, with details of exactly where you are. Where possible we’ll have someone take a reading where you are, and we’ll use the information provided to help us work with Estates on identifying areas that need attention. Please send your reports to with the subject line ‘Heating Report’ telling us where you are and how long you’ve been there.


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