Journalist Julie Bindel to join Brunel

JulieBindel“Julie Bindel has won many fans through her work as a campaigning feminist writer.” (Independent on Sunday, January 6, 2013)

It was announced recently that Julie Bindel, a writer and activist, is due to join Brunel as journalist-in-residence.

Her journalism can be traced on databases such as Nexis, which is available to all Brunel students and staff, and accessible through the A – Z list of databases. A quick look on Summon (available from the Library homepage) will access articles that Bindel has had published in journals, such as New Statesman, whilst Nexis finds items written by and about her in newspapers ranging from the Guardian, Telegraph, and Times to the Daily Mail.  

Using these sources helps you to chart the development of stories and events across a range of publications, and to read arguments from all sides. It’s also an opportunity to see how Bindel’s work and ideas are presented in the media, and to appreciate how different newspapers report on her position.

 “She is a rare kind of writer who puts her money where her mouth is.” (Guardian, February 14, 2004.)


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