Changes to Loan Periods & Fines

3914885_blogWe’re pleased to announce that in response to feedback from students and staff we are introducing changes to our loan periods and fines structure from Wednesday August 21st, which we hope will make borrowing and account management easier.

Under this new structure there will be three loan types for all items, as follows:

Non-Loan (red stickers).  A minimal number of core titles will be non-loanable, meaning key texts should always be available for reference.

Week Loan (yellow stickers). Core texts (generally based on Reading Lists status) will have copies available as week loans. There will be far fewer week loan titles than before, and the most significant change to this loan type is that these items are not renewable and not reservable. This is to ensure availability of items which are in high demand.

Longloan (white or no stickers). Most of our stock will now move to this loan type. Longloans are issued for 13 weeks, and can be renewed once. They can also be reserved, but the borrower is guaranteed a week before the item is recalled for a reservation. If longloan titles are in high demand, they will only issue for 1 week.

What about…?

  • Teaching Practice? These items will effectively be longloan, as described above, however there are no reservations or recalls on these items, as they are loaned to be used over the course of a term.
  • DVDs? These are effectively week loan (very similar to their current set-up), and all will be at the same loan status.
  • CDs? These will all be longloan, except where they appear as core or essential items on reading lists.
  • Me – I’m registered for extended loans? The same amendments will apply as with the previous system.


We have also simplified our fines – overdue items are all charged at 50p per day. Longloan items which have been recalled are charged at £2 a day, though there is a 7 day grace period to allow time for it to be returned to us.

Although the changes take effect on the 21st, relabelling of stock will take some time, meaning it’s even more important to check the screen or receipt when you borrow. We hope that the transition to the new setup will go smoothly, but please do bear with us through these changes.

Items that were on loan at the time of changes may be affected – don’t worry, just talk to us with any concerns about items already on loan and we’ll resolve it.


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