Calling all Designers

As a member of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries the Library is participating in the 20th anniversary celebrations which are taking place this summer.

As part of these celebrations, Library Director Ann Cummings is helping to organise an anniversary reception on June 11th at the Stationer’s Hall, near St Pauls Cathedral, and she’s looking for help designing the invites for this event. We’ll let Ann take over at this point: “I’m looking for something which is modern but related to libraries in some way – the venue is quite grand so the design needs to reflect that. Unfortunately there’s no budget and I can’t offer payment, but the successful designer can have two tickets for the reception, which includes food and drinks, as well as having their work used and credited together with all the subsequent publicity. If you’re interested in this area of work then this is an opportunity to gain some valuable experience of working with a design unit and populating your CV”.

If you would like to know more then please send Ann an email with any questions or to express an interest.


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