Our new mobile website!

Mobile library homescreenAs part of the Library’s efforts to broaden our service provision and offer friendlier ways – and a wider variety of ways – to access our resources and services, we now have a dedicated mobile website!

Now when you access the Library website (http://www.brunel.ac.uk/library) on your mobile device, you should be redirected to the mobile version. If your device doesn’t redirect, you can use this URL (or scan the QR code below now if you’ve already got your phone out in eagerness!) http://m.brunel.ac.uk/library. Don’t forget to bookmark the site to your device’s homescreen for easy access.

We’ve made our room booking system mobile-friendly so this can be included, and have also added our other most popular features. But, this is our first attempt and we’d love your feedback! Does it include everything you want? Is anything on the home screen redundant? Are the options in the best order? Are you happy with a mobile website as opposed to an iOS/Android app?

Let us know your thoughts with the ‘feedback’ option in the mobile site, or in the comments here on our blog.



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