Free trial: World Newsreels Online 1929-1966. Ends 31st March 2013.

World Newsreels Online 1929-1966 is now live. This streaming video collection captures the complete series of many of the most important newsreels leading up to and during World War II, with supplementary material up to 1960s.

The content of the collection focuses primarily on the World War II era, with supplementary coverage of American life through the mid-1960s. The first release of this landmark online collection includes nine newsreel series from four countries—the USA, Japan, France, and the Netherlands. It includes 8,000 meticulously indexed and transcribed individual newsreels that bring the conflict to life in a visceral and immediate way that text cannot match. With one click, users can jump from city to city or date to date, viewing original footage with English transcription.

Here are some examples of the content available:

Winston Churchill footage:
Siege of Stalingrad:
Sports coverage:

Please take a look using these login details which are valid until the end of March
Password: 3incidentals7


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