New Brunel University Library LibX Toolbar Available

BUL LibX Toolbar is a browser add-on, for Firefox and Google Chrome only, which facilitates access to Brunel Library resources from anywhere. It has many features:

  • You can use it to check access to items found on the web via a search box — add multiple search boxes as required or switch between the Catalogue, Summon, e-journals A to Z (AKA OpenURL Resolver / Article Linker), Google Scholar and WorldCat
Brunel University Library LibX Toolbar

LibX is a brower add-on, for Firefox and Chrome only

LibX search engines

Click on the source to switch search engines

  • You can use links to various search tools, help and news web pages and access other Brunel services
LibX links

Helpful LibX Links

  • You can log in to the e-Library (ezproxy) from your browser and access journal articles quickly, especially from off campus, using the Proxies link
LibX: login to e-Library

LibX: Login to e-Library

  • You can highlight words on a web page and search via the right-click context menu, for example: find out if you have access to citations in a bibliography quickly
LibX right click options

LibX right-click options

  • You can check ISSN, ISBN, PubMed IDs and DOI metadata found on any web page against Brunel Library’s print or online holdings
LibX checks ISBN / ISSN against Brunel's holdings

LibX checks ISBN / ISSN against Brunel’s holdings

  • You can use search results found in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, WikiPedia, Yahoo and other web sites, just click our embedded BU favicon cue – favicon5 – to check against Brunel Library’s holdings
Brunel favicon

Embedded BU favicon can check Brunel’s holdings

  • Finally, use LibX’s Preferences link to edit the right-click context menu
LibX Preferences

LibX Preferences — configure your right-click menu

Download the new Brunel Library LibX edition now! (Note: you may need to enable a pop-up alert to initiate the download). You can find BUL LibX at:

or in LibAnswers at:


LibX is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. The copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech. For more information about LibX, visit the LibX Homepage.



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