Want to be a Human Book?

Human LibraryAs One World Week approaches, we are looking for volunteers to take part in a ‘Human Library’ event running during the week of  11th February. You can find out more about Human Libraries here, but essentially we are looking for people to volunteer a part of their identity which they are prepared to discuss with people on an individual basis and within the Library.

Volunteers will be available as ‘Books’, available to be borrowed for short time slots by Readers, who will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the Book, with the aim of helping to promote better understanding and breaking down stereotypes and prejudices. Examples of Books that have been available at similar events include Muslims, ex-gang Members, Vegans, and a Funeral Director.

To be a volunteer you will need to have time available during the week on 11th February when you can be available for bookings, and you will need to be prepared to talk openly about aspects of your life which are the title of your Book.

If you would like to know more about this event or would like to take part, there is a briefing session in the Library Seminar Room on Wednesday 6th February at 5.15pm; Alternatively you can send an email for more details.  You can also follow the event blog at http://brunelhumanlibrary.com.


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