How to connect your wireless devices to the network

224598KAIPQC3WGGot a new laptop or smart phone or iThingy for Christmas? Here’s how to get connected and take advantage of the free wireless connection on campus.

Visit the Connect portal from a PC and log in using your network username and password. If you’ve not previously registered with Connect, it will ask you to complete some details at this point. Once you are done, click on “My Devices” and then “Add Device”. Fill in the details as necessary and follow the prompts and instructions to get your device connected.

If you get stuck or have any problems, the Connect portal has a messaging system so that you can ask for assistance. Alternatively, the Connect Advisory Service is located in the Bannerman Centre near the Library entrance. Its opening hours are published on the Connect portal.

The Connect portal also provides you with some handy tools to get you more connected and keep you secure. These include email, home drive and printer connections as well as free anti-virus software, courtesy of Kaspersky.


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