Important updates about Inter Library Loans through the British Library

The British Library has been going through exciting developments to update their document supply system and workflow.  Although a lot of the changes have been behind the scenes at the British Library and here at Brunel University, there are some important updates that you, the user, should be aware of. 

Inter Library Loans Charges

We have reviewed and updated our inter library loan charges so that they are in line with the British Library charges.  Please see below the new inter library loan charges which are effective from the 1st October 2012:

Electronic Delivery of Journal Article        £7.50

Photocopy of a Journal Article                      £7.75

Loan                                                                            £11.60

Renewal of a Loan                                                 £4.30

What else has changed?

Previously inter library loans were issued for 3 weeks, which were guaranteed and then another 3 weeks if no other user had requested the item.  You were able to return the book to Brunel Library by the due date listed in the book and we sent it back to the British Library.

 This has now been changed so that books are issued for 6 weeks and there is only one date listed inside the book.  However this date is when the book is due back at the British Library.  Overdue fees are payable by you for books returned a day late. To avoid incurring overdue fines and guarantee that books will get back to the British Library by the due date, books will be issued to you for 5 weeks. 

 Can I renew Inter Library Loan books?

 Yes you will be apply for a renewal for your inter library loan books at a cost of £4.30.  This is payable by you or your department, as applicable.   Please note that you must return the book to Brunel Library for us to be able to process your renewal.  If a renewal is successful then it will be issued to you for another 2 weeks.


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