BURA ranked 9th in the UK

The latest league table by the Ranking Web of World Repositories has been released, and Brunel University Research Archive (BURA) has continued to rise up the rankings, moving to 9th (from 12th) in terms of UK university repositories, and 162nd (out of 1,522 ‘top repositories’) in the world.

BURA is an open access archive of full text papers and does not include bibliographic-only records.

This is an outstanding result for Brunel University and for the BURA team who manage the system as well as advocating and promoting Brunel mandates to ensure that it is populated with research articles and theses by Brunel researchers.

In line with the Open Access Initiative, BURA supports the dissemination of work by research staff. The initiative has been a great success, with BURA records receiving over 98,000 views from 172 different countries in the past twelve months.

In order to produce the scores used in the the rankings, the Ranking Web of World Repositories performs a search twice a year for each institution’s domain URL, based on the following criteria:

  • visibility, which makes up 50% of the calculated score value
  • size (the total number of web pages, excluding rich files, on Google), which accounts for 10% of the score
  • rich files (the sum of pdf, doc, and ps file types from Google), making up 10% of the score
  • scholar (a combination of the total number of papers in Google Scholar and the recent values for the latest five-year period), which counts for 30% of the score.

View the ‘Top Repositories’ list.


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