Audiovisual talks via Library databases

Many people are aware of, and make use of, the online books and journals that are available via the Library website.  Not everyone is aware of some of the other resources that are available to you.  Today I’m concentrating on the audiovisual resources: online lectures, podcasts and webinars that are available through some of our databases.  We have a Business Audiovisual page with links to all of these sources.  While these are of direct relevance to people studying or researching business subject areas, they are also relevant to many other people. 

Henry Stewart Talks

One resource I want to highlight is Henry Stewart Talks.  This is a database containing online lectures produced by academics and industry experts around the world.  There are over 600 talks which are split into about 55 series on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Negotiations and Bargaining and Journalism.  The Journalism series is edited by, and includes talks by, Paul Lashmar, a lecturer in the School of Arts.  New series are made available regularly.  One of the most recent series, Principles of Marketing, includes a talk by Brunel Business School Professor T.C. Melewar.

When I have demonstrated the Henry Stewart Talks to students in information skills sessions people been immediately interested.  Backing up your reading with watching a ‘video’ is often a welcome change!  The lectures are there for you to view in your own time, and PowerPoint slides are available for download if you want to take notes.  All the talks are on the Library catalogue, so they will sometimes come up if you search on Summon (try typing ‘Understanding the Generation Gap’ into the Summon search box on the Library homepage – that’s a really good talk).  Academics may which to include links to specific talks within reading lists or lecture slides.

Mintel Oxygen – Webinars

Another resource that we have a link to on the Business Audiovisual page is Mintel’s webinars.  Many people will be used to accessing the Mintel Oxygen database to get market research reports.  There is a link to Webinars on the menu bar at the top of any page in Mintel.  Mintel has been putting on a webinar every month or two for the last couple of years, and they are all available for you to view now – they’re actually quite similar in style to the online lectures in Henry Stewart Talks. 

Interesting webinars include Eating Out: The Decision Making Process, and Consumers Attitudes Towards the 2012 Olympics.  Upcoming webinars that you could attend include Consumers and the Economic Outlook, and Consumer Payment Preferences.  This is a great way to get access to some of the information that we don’t have full market research reports for.

The audiovisual page also has links to podcasts and videos from Euromonitor, producer of the GMID market research database, and Emerald, one of our business journal databases.

For more information, or help with using any of these databases, contact your Subject Liaison Librarian.


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