Annual Aircraft Design & Handling Competition

If you’re an aerospace student , you may be interested in this competition:

Virtually all university aerospace courses have a group aircraft design project as part of the syllabus and these competitions give an opportunity for students to get a professional assessment of their designs in a very enjoyable competitive event.

At the UK event, the student teams produce a poster display for their designs, supported by other documentation (e.g. project reports). 

They give a 10 minute presentation to the judges and their designs are then assessed by two test pilots (last year Dave McKay, the Virgin Galactic chief test pilot and Dave Southwood, the chief fixed-wing test pilot at the Empire Test Pilot’s School at Boscombe Down in the UK). 

 A number of prizes are awarded and IHS provides a £250 prize to the team providing the best technical analysis for their design.

 This year the competition will be held at Coventry University on Tuesday 12th June 2012. 

 Marion and Chris Neal, of Merlin Flight Simulators Group, who organise this event can be contacted at: for more details.


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