Do You Know Where Your Bag Is?

Unfortunately from time to time we need to remind everyone using the Library that there may be people around who want to leave with your belongings as well as a book.  Please, when you’re using the Library:

  • Don’t leave any of your belongings unattended – even if you’re surrounded by other people studying, they may not notice anything, and it takes a split second for someone to walk away with your things.
  • Don’t sleep in the Library – as we’ve seen this week, this makes you an easy target for opportunistic thieves to help themselves.
  • Keep any items of value, purses and bags out of sight or out of reach at all times.
  • If you aren’t doing so already, make sure that you regularly back up the contents of your laptop, and consider buying (and using) a Kensington lock or similar that can secure your laptop.

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