Link Brunel – Update

Following a very successful run this term, the Counselling Service are delighted to announce that Link Brunel will continue over the next term (till approx. mid May 2012), providing a permanent base for students to come together for discussions. Link Brunel will now be running until the student holidays (Tuesday December 13th 2011) and will return on January 10th 2012 at 7pm in the Library Seminar Room (2nd floor).

 Some feedback from students so far has been:

“A good place to relax whilst chatting to people from different backgrounds.”

“No homework. No Stress.”

“Learning about other people’s opinions and seeing my problems from a different angle has helped a lot.”

 Link Brunel not only offers emotional support but can be very effective in helping to develop coping strategies in challenging times (e.g. exams, deadlines, transitions arriving or leaving Brunel) – you don’t need to book, just turn up.


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