Refurbishment update – where to find PCs

As the refurbishment work has moved around the building we thought it would be useful to clarify where PCs can currently be found:

Floor 1: this floor is now refurbished and 15 PCs have been returned to the main part of the floor. In the extension (Red Zone) there are also a number of PCs towards the front of the building.

Floor 2: whilst the main part of floor 2 is inaccessible, the extension (Red Zone) is available and there are also some PCs here.

Floor 3: again, the extension (Red Zone) is available, including the Library Training Room. When there are no bookings for the LTR (there are relatively few during summer but Library staff can always check for you) this is an open-access PC room with 49 computers. It’s also air-conditioned!

We hope that the refurbishment is not too disruptive and that you can continue to use the Library for your studies and research without too much trouble. The feedback on the amazing difference the refurbishment has made to floor 1 has been great and we hope everyone agrees these works are well worth it!


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