Receive Library Notices on Your Phone

Just over a year ago, the Library started sending text messages to users to notify when holds were available for pickup. An increasing number of users have been choosing to give us their mobile number and have been pleased with this service, so we’re now extending this to SMSs for other notices.

We will now send a text when you receive a courtesy notice, reminding you of items due soon; also when you have item/s overdue. To take advantage of this, just ensure you’ve given us your UK mobile phone number (by email, phone, or in person), and they’ll start right away.

 Do remember that text messages don’t come with a service guarantee, so we can’t promise you will always receive an SMS that we send, or will receive it without delay. Email continues to be the main communication method so do ensure you check your emails regularly; and of course it’s your responsibility to monitor your Library account and keep on top of your loans. However we really hope that adding text messages to our services is a little something that will make your life easier.


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