Nexis UK – Introduction

Nexis UK is a service which collects the transcripts of newspapers and other news and business data sources. The newspapers are primarily from the U.K. but there are many U.S. and European newspapers available too. What you get from the service is text – you will not get graphs, tables or photographs. Some newspapers have only partial coverage – for instance, weekly magazine supplements are rarely included.
Go to the Library homepage

Log in to the e-Library in the top-right hand corner, select Nexis UK from the Databases tab. 

Nexis UK will remember all your details from previous visits.

As this will probably be your first visit, go to Preferences and you will have the option to default to the Newssearch page and select the way you see your results.
Before you start searching, it is advisable to take a quick look at the Help page – top right hand corner of the screen.

Look particularly for instructions for inserting truncated words or using wildcards, then phrase search.

This is  important – it will help you refine your search so that you don’t get too many hits!

If you’d like more help with using this database, visit the the Help Desk or contact your Subject Liaison Librarian

Engineering Management students should already be familiar with this (we covered it in the Library workshop yesterday). Just a reminder that Nexis and lots of other company Info is covered in the accompanying guide on U-link.


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